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Social Media Marketing Services by Venner Labs

Already, more than half of the world’s population is on social media. A world economic forum study reveals that millennials spend nearly 2 hours and 38 minutes every day on social media channels. When effectively used, these highly populated social media channels can yield several brownies such as brand awareness, warm leads, a community of like-minded people, back-linking for SEO, and of course an authenticated online presence.

Every social media channel is unique in terms of presentation, algorithm, advertising modules, and the type of followers. As a trusted social media marketing agency, we start right from understanding your businesses’ long-term goals to identifying the right platforms to creating content calendars to publishing the content to tracking and reporting varied social media marketing metrics. We also cater to the advertising needs of the business in addition to creating a forum or community exclusive for the brand. Influencers have bombarded social media nowadays. Our experts are adept at handling them as well.

A social media marketer has to be multifaceted viz. Technically strong at the way different social networks work, capture the prospect/ buyer behavior across channels, consistently engage with the audiences, and scout for as many opportunities as possible.

No.1 Social Media Marketing Services

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has more than 2.7 billion active users a month and continues to serve as the most used social media platform in the world. The specialty of Facebook lies with its eagle targeting advertising framework. Reach out to as many Facebook prospects as possible. Hand over your Facebook profle with our certifed experts.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram has become the most useful and usable visual social network platform in the world. According to a Facebook study, 83% of people use the Instagram platform to scout for new products & services. For all small businesses or home-business owners, Instagram can be a great choice. We can create a buzz for your brand on Instagram

Pinterest Marketing

Did you know? 89% of the Pinterest users use the platform for buying or purchasing inspirations. Pinterest is a unique social network with a distinct structure and advertising framework. Storyboards are something that appeals almost to all Pinterest users. At Venner Labs, our marketers are certifed professionals who excel in Pinterest marketing. Contact us

Linkedin Marketing

As per a Business Insider article, LinkedIn has been voted the most trusted social network. Earlier, LinkedIn was considered almost a B2B platform. Today, it has taken leaps and bounds with immense advancements in features, industries, and subscribers. In addition, the commencement of sponsored content and mail ads have made the platform a complete suite for content marketing. Get in touch with our LinkedIn certified professional marketers cum campaigners.

Paid Ads Marketing

Be it any social networking platform, paid ad campaigns play a crucial role. As a new brand or age-old business, your goal with paid ad campaigns would be to attract prospects, capture the leads, and route them to respective landing pages or company websites. As a leading social media marketing agency, we ensure to fetch you maximum desired results with the lowest possible budget or cost involved. Talk with us for a strategy discussion.

YouTube Marketing

According to Alexa, YouTube stands as the 2nd-largest search engine across the globe. Video marketing took a major paradigm shift post the penetration of YouTube. Undoubtedly, a brand’s message well reaches its audience in the form of videos. Have you tried YouTube yet? If no, this would be the most committed mistake in your business’s lifetime. Get started now. We’re here to guide you throughout your YouTube journey.

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