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A recent Unbounce statistics say that 50% of the PPC visitors are more likely to purchase than organic visitors. Cool! However, will your prospect fall for you or your competitor’s PPC adverts? It all depends on how accurate is your campaign factors.

PPC marketing campaigns are not just one another ad campaign. The team should have an eagle-eye view of the PPC objectives, target audiences, keywords, search queries, advertisement algorithms, and machine learning. Venner Labs is a PPC agency with an expert team of experienced PPC ad campaigners. We have proven results of unimaginable conversions and click-through rates. Unlike traditional PPC advertisers, we don’t just rely upon numbers. We follow a structured and smart approach to handle the PPC advertisements from planning to execution to feedback and improvement.

We’re a renowned PPC (Pay-per-click) marketing agency that aligns with both the changing buyer journey (search queries) and as well as the constantly updating search engine algorithms. This makes us keep updated on every micro-change in the market and come up with useful interpretations. These interpretations help us with the right strategies and tools for your PPC marketing campaigns.


Exclusive Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Google Ads

Undoubtedly, Google beholds the biggest search advertising market (76% market share). According to a Google Economic report in 2018, the platform was able to return $8 for every $1 spent. Veneer Labs have worked with over 100 brands on Google Ads. So, with no further delay, start bidding with our guidance and support

Bing Ads

Microsoft advertising (formerly, Bing advertising) works well with those businesses that look for lower budgeted ad campaigns. Instead of fghting the battle war at Google, brands can take this as an opportunity to reach out to 66 million users who cannot be reached on Google. Start your text/ display ads with Bing now

Yahoo Ads

Search, display, sponsored and mail ads with Yahoo seem to beneft a lot of businesses that have been in the market for decades. Above 117 million unique users are active a month with the Yahoo search engine. Then why not take an advantage of this platform to promote your products and services? Yahoo ads are highly fexible and cost-effective. Try out now

Still skeptical of whether to choose a PPC campaign for your brand? Nothing to worry about. We’re here to evaluate your online presence and conversion patterns. Believe us, our audits have always been insightful to our clientele. Thus, many brands like you have chosen us as their trusted PPC partners.

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